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The Galapagos waters contain approximately 300 fish species, 44 corals, 333 algae, 28 sea stars, 100 crab species and an estimated population of 80,000 sea lions plus much, much more!
...More details
Packing lightly is essential for Cocos diving, not only is the climate warm and tropical, the Costa Rican domestic airlines have a strict 2 piece luggage limit ... More details

Americas and Caribbean – Amazing liveaboard diving

The Americas and Caribbean offers some of the worlds most unique liveaboard diving. The Galapagos Islands, Cocos Island, Mexico and the stunning Caribbean waters make up this amazing Agent Liveaboard region. Offering some of the world's premier diving locations Agent Liveaboard has put together some outstanding boats for an outstanding area.

A first class diving destination where you can go diving with sea lions, snorkel with penguins and stroll with a giant tortoise all in one day!... More Details


Featuring both Socorro, Mexico's very own "Galapagos" and the ultimate thrill of white shark cage diving in Guadalupe these destinations certainly have it all... More Details

Turks & Caicos

The walls of Providenciales begin at 12 meters and include crevasses and ledges that are decorated with huge orange elephant ear sponges, gorgonians and crimson rope sponges... More Details

Dominican Republic

A rare opportunity for a diving encounter with the North Atlantic humpback whale, timed to coincide with the arrival of the mothers and their calves... More Details

Cayman Islands

With dive sites such as Stingray city and the Devils grotto you know this will be a stunning Caribbean adventure. Excellent visibility and warm, clear waters... More Details

Utila Honduras

Lying on the main whale shark migration path Utila has over 90 dive sites and the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, liveaboard diving heaven... More Details

Cocos Island

Sheer beauty and nature at its best, the waters surrounding the Cocos Island can only be accessed for diving via liveaboards... More Details


With over 1000 dive sites the Bahamas offers huge choice from pristine reefs, wrecks, walls, blue holes and caves. Clear waters and soft sand – paradise... More Details

Saba & St Kitts

Amazing topography both above and below sea level expect submerged pinnacles, finger reefs, a dormant volcano and wrecks... More Details


Mystical blue holes, amazing coral formations, deep canyons and swim throughs are just some of the diving attractions of Belizes... More Details


Stunning under water topography consisting of lava tubes and craters are mixed with a huge variety of marine life making Hawaii a diving playground... More Details

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