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Liveaboard Diving in Burma (Myanmar/Mergui Archipelago)


Diving trips to Burma or often referred to as Myanmar or the Mergui Archipelago are generally combined with a Similan Thailand trip and depart from Thap Lamu just north of Phuket.

Burma has a rugged and rocky terrain and the marine life largely consists of nurse sharks, reef sharks, manta rays and whale sharks its very well known for its regular pelagic sightings but divers will be equally impressed with the macro life too. No less than 800 unexplored islands gives liveaboards the opportunity to discover new dive sites and surprise guests with new discoveries.

We have three main Liveaboards that include Thailand/Burma trips within their itinerary; they are Giamani, Panunee and Nautica. Trips are generally no less than 8 days in order to get all of the best diving sites included. All trips start from Thap Lamu and head to Similan Islands for diving before they cross over to Burma. There is a Visa requirement to enter for these dive trips so be sure to check with us for the latest travel information.

Popular Dive Sites

Best time of year

The Burma Liveaboard season is from November – May with peak diving conditions Feb-April. Water Temperatures average 29 °C and visibility can be up to 30+ meters, currents can be strong and advanced dive certification is recommended. Average highs range from 29 °C to 33 °C average lows range from 24 °C to 26 °C.

How to get there

The departure point for most Burma Liveaboards is Thap Lamu based North of Phuket. It takes one and a half hours from most popular areas of Phuket to Thap Lamu and Liveaboards provide transfers from Phuket to Thap Lamu. Khao Lak is only 10 minutes away from Thap Lamu so a popular location to stay. Phuket International Airport is the main arrival point and flights are available direct to Phuket Internationally or Via Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power: The electricity in Thailand/Burma is 220 volts with both 2 and 3 pin pugs. Adaptors are commonly available at the airport on arrival or at local electronics store but please bring with you to be sure.
Visa & Passport: Guests will have to consider both Thailand and Burma Visa regulations. The Liveaboards arrange the Burma visa on the boat for border crossing and Visa Fee to Burma is $230 USD per person. You will also need to bring with you 4 passport size photographs, 4 copies of your passport & your visa fee (payable only in CRISP, cash US$ on the boat). Please make sure you have a minimum of 6 months passport validity.
Dive Insurance & Medical Care: It is compulsory on many of the Liveaboards in Thailand/Burma that divers have their own personal diving insurance. SSS Recompression Chamber Network and Bedalveda Diving Medical Facility are based in the top two international hospitals in Phuket. Please see our main directory pages for the relevant links.

Burmese Cuisine

As the Liveaboards are coming from Thailand the dishes that are served on the joint Thailand & Burma trips usually include western and Thai cuisine, there is no real different Burmese dishes served on board but fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant.

Agent Liveaboard on Burma

We highly recommend the combined Thailand & Burma trips to those divers looking for a more extensive exploration experience, as these liveaboards tend to offer a less structured itinerary and can go off route if they find something interesting for the dive group. It's an exciting dive area with very few boats around so un-crowded diving too. Nurse Sharks at Black Rock & Whale Sharks at Richelieu Rock a great combination don't you think?

Burma Marine Life Gallery

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